PoE Vendor Recipes

Orb of Alchemy

  • 1x  Orb of Alchemy = Unique Items, or Rare items with certain mods

 Orb of Alchemy upgrade a normal item to a rare item. Selling unique items to any vendor will obtain Alchemy Shards. 20 Shards automatically combine to an  Orb of Alchemy.
Clarissa(Act 3) sells an  Orb of Alchemy in exchange for one  Orb of Regret.

Vaal Orb

  • 1x  Vaal Orb = 7x vaal skill gems + 1x Sacrifice vaal fragment
  • 1x  Vaal Orb = 1x of any unique item that drops Uber Atziri

 Vaal Orb corrupts an item unpredictably. The result may be degraded, or more powerful. You can obtain this currency by sell 7 Vall sill gems plus any Sacrifice vaal fragment. Vendor any unique item that drops Uber Atziri can get  Vaal Orb as well.

Orb of Scouring

  • 1x  Orb of Scouring = Any rare item with 2 affixes.

 Orb of Scouring degrades magic or rare to a normal item and removes all mods. You can obtain it by vendor any rare item only with 2 affixes.
Yeena(Act 2) also sells an  Orb of Scouring for 4 Orbs of Chance.

Orb of Fusing

Currently, there is no direct vendor recipes for  Orb of Fusing. However, you can sell any item with 6 sockets in exchange for 7 Jeweller’s Orbs. And then, purchase an Orb of Fusing with Yeena(Act 2) for 4 Jeweller’s Orb.

After playing for a year, not to 100, the highest role is the 94th sentence. I feel like I am still a primary school student. Only familiar with 20% of the game.

1. The biggest fun of this game is not to upgrade to level 100. After the character BD is formed, you can’t beat the figure of 96. The level 100 can’t be beaten. If you must upgrade to 100 in the later stage, don’t play difficult maps, don’t fight fierce. BOSS, safety first. But if you hit the 100th level as the end. Will lose too much fun;

2, when it comes to fun, the fun of many people is to try different bd, optimize different bd, it is best to create bd. My current fun is to match a set of treasures, brush all kinds of currency and equipment.

3. This game has the most complicated mechanism. To be familiar with can only see the theory of Raiders learning. Combined with the actual hands-on brush map. The theory is linked to reality. It is normal to practice a few trumpet. Choosing a mob and being sentenced are less likely to die and be friendly to new people.

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